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Melissa officinalis

One of the most gorgeous Melissa essential oils that I have found! Incredible oil! Melissa essential oil has profound effects in our veterinary hospital - from anti-histamine type benefits, to powerful anti-viral properties. It also has a very high life force energy and is incredibly uplifting and beneficial to emotions.

Originating from:  United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE:  Single essential oils are desired by many people for a variety of needs – from cleaning creations to home crafts and recipes.  Although we urge you to use the specially created blends and products for your animals, we feel it is important to provide access to high quality single oils that are appropriate for use in animal homes.  For additional information on the properties and use of single essential oils we recommend The Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals. In general – animalEO will not provide instructions for single essential oil use.  Single essential oils are provided for your own personal creations or household applications.

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